About Santander

Santander is a place where history becomes legend, a city of great attraction for tourism, culture, and leisure. A place made of air, water, and land, where the depth and strength of the Cantabrian Sea shake dreams and keep ancestral secrets. Known for its prime north coast location and elegant city center, Santander remains the central destination for tourism and commerce in the whole Cantabrian region. Although it is largely metropolitan, Santander has urban beaches and an expansive port border that lines the city center which, along with its green areas and historical sites, contribute to its overall charm. A park anchors the Magdalena peninsula to the north of the city, while urban beaches and the sprawling harbor border the city center.

In Santander you can enjoy fantastic walks along the beaches, the best gastronomy, and visits to cultural spaces such as the Botín Center, one of the most important cultural and leisure centers on the Cantabrian coast. We look forward to hosting an excellent international meeting where scientists from countries around the world can share exciting new results in the field of nanomaterials application to life sciences.